Mother Earth is suffering. It’s important that both companies and individuals drive sustainability and reduce carbon footprint. Technology is one key driver to make our world greener and a better place to live.

Technology as a key solution for greener world

We have seen many technological innovations that make our world greener. Examples are already part of our daily living: Renewable power sources like windmills and solar panels, sustainable food alternatives, electric cars and so on.

Usually these solutions are developed by big global companies, but even small companies and individuals can drive the change.

Small high tech innovations can make a huge impact

We at Tecinspire develop digital solutions. We have had the opportunity to develop great solutions for our clients that support sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.

One example is the Streamsave app, which visualizes water and energy consumption. The application collects data via Bluetooth from the meter and provides real-time information that helps to reduce water consumption.

Another example is the Wastebook platform, which provides more efficient recycling and statistics of waste amounts. Wastebook makes it easy for households, housing associations and companies to bid for waste management.

Wastebook kierraätyssovellus.

In addition, we have developed many solutions that make the world a better place like logistics optimizations and rideshare solutions that both reduce CO2 emissions.

Driving green values by small actions

Even a small company can reduce carbon footprint by small decisions. For example in Tecinspire we have electronic invoicing and paperless office. Additionally, we recommend customer meetings via video conference services instead of travelling, working from home office and using bikes to get to the office when possible.

One great example is that we bought new company clothes made of recycled material. One recycled T-shirt saved 2700 liters of water and one hoodie 8700 liters compared to using new cotton materials. We ordered 7 pieces of both and saved totally almost 80 000 litres of water.

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