Water and energy savings 

What is Streamsave?

We developed the Streamsave app, which visualizes and statistics water and energy consumption. The application collects data via Bluetooth from the meter, and visualizes and statistics water and energy consumption. The app provides real-time information to help you track your water consumption.

– Real-time data on water consumption
– Cost of heating used water
– Consumption history for the selected time period

The Streamsave system is designed for condominiums, households, schools, hospitals, hotels, spas, irrigation systems, and industry.

How was the implementation done?

The application was implemented using hybrid technology, which allows the application to run on both Android and iOs devices.

The application communicates wirelessly with the IoT device. The device is easy to install on all piping models.

Customer Feedback:

”Tecinspire developed the Streamsave mobile app for us. The development was agile, efficient and fast. The app is great, easy to use, and fast.

I was particularly pleased with Tecinspire’s flexible and knowledgeable way of working. From the coding to the ignorant, things were brought up easily and illustratively. I recommend the Tecinspire development team!

The Streamsave system measures and reduces water and energy consumption with an easy-to-install IoT device.”

– Teppo Syrjälä, Managing Director, Streamsave Oy

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