Mobile and web apps

From an idea to an application with agility and a fast schedule? We have developed numerous applications to meet the needs of our customers. Your idea will suffice at the beginning, in addition to implementation, we will take care of the definition and design, and help you with business models and productisation of services.

The applications we develop are used all over the world. They have enabled our customers to grow revenue and launch new business models. We have implemented several hobby, wellness, health technology and IoT applications.

Mobile applications

We have developed several mobile applications for our corporate customers. The most popular category in them has been utility applications and in addition we have made hobby and wellness applications. Our technology enables agile and cost-effective development when the same code base runs on both Android and iOS devices from mobile phones to tablets.

Web applications

The web applications we develop can be used with computer browsers and also as an application on a mobile phone. The same code works on all devices and the data content of the application scales according to the screen size of the terminal. The advantages of the technology are e.g. agile and cost-effective development and the app does not require installation or upgrade via GooglePlay or the App Store.

IoT applications

The Internet of Things applications we develop measure the environment, visually display the data and location collected from the IoT device, and control the operation of the device itself. The IoT services we implement are in use around the globe. Our technology enables IoT applications to run on both mobile devices and computer browsers.

Health technology applications

We have developed health technology applications that make the work of nursing staff easier, streamline processes, and improve patient safety. In addition, the applications have real-time monitoring and visual dashboards for process control. We have years of experience in pharmaceutical device development and standards.

Customer feedback

“Tecinspire created us a very impressing 1090 Fishing Mapp application. Co-operation with Tecinspire was flexible, professional and efficient. We believe that we could not have found a more suitable partner to develop the app.
Tecinspire’s versatile expertise combined with their agility makes them a great partner. They understood our wishes and needs well and can also presented the development in way that is easy to understand, even when you don’t understand coding. I really do recommend Tecinspire!”

Marko Laurikainen, co-founder, chairman, 1090 Fishing Mapp

“Tecinspire joined our software team and participated into the development of the Monidrop infusion remote monitoring service. Co-operation went smoothly as all tasks were done on time and with high quality. We value experience in the software development of a medical devices as our quality system requires high-class documentation of the work. A professional team that I can warmly recommend!”Mikko Savola, CEO, Monidor Oy

Tecinspire delivered us a new ERP-system and we created an innovative operating model for our field. Co-operation was flexible and smooth. We will continue co-op with Tecinspire always when possible.Tuomas Karjalainen, IT-specialist, Pyylahti Oy

Reference implementations

Thousands of downloads for the wellness app in the first week

A modern application for fishermen

The best tool for a sports coach

Water and energy savings

Better patient safety

State-of-the-art technology e.g. For use by the Norwegian ski country team