Enterprice resource planning

Do you want to make your business more efficient with digitalization? The systems we have developed have helped our customers grow their own business, save time, automate their processes, optimize logistics and increase the satisfaction of their end customers.

Benefits of a custom ERP system?

We develop customized ERP systems for your company’s needs. ERP can be used to digitize your company’s core functions, processes, resource management, logistics chains and cash flow into one easy-to-use, complete solution. With automation, the amount of manual work is reduced, resulting in cost savings and efficiency.

Ready-made ERP systems may seem too heavy and difficult to use – we are developing a custom solution for your company. The ERP systems we have implemented are in production use by many of our customers and around the world.

What features can be added to an ERP system?

The possibilities are endless in terms of ERP system features. With the code, anything is possible. Previously implemented systems have a number of state-of-the-art features such as management dashboards, visual reporting, statistics, graphs, automation, interactive map functions, QR codes, NFC recognition, Bluetooth, 3D and social features for communication. We are part of the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program, which gives us access to the latest development tools. Our technology enables agile and cost-effective development when the same code base runs on all common platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux.

Customer feedback

Tecinspire delivered us a new ERP-system and we created an innovative operating model for our field. Co-operation was flexible and smooth. We will continue co-op with Tecinspire always when possible.

Pyylahti Ltd is a producer and importer of explosives and detonators.

Tuomas Karjalainen, IT-specialist, Pyylahti Oy

”Tecinspire developed a logistics app for Autolle.com that improves and eases the logistics processes. The app reduces manual work and improves significantly the follow up of the processes. With Tecinspire’s software we can ease our own work and add value for our customers. With the app we significantly improve our customer experience and take the car dealing to next level.

Co-work with Tecinspire was really easy and we felt the level of service was high. We were presented with different options how the app could be developed and we were provided with an app that has our look & feel. Tecinspire kept us up to date about the production phases and the communication was very active and down to earth. We recommend Tecinspire as a partner. Our co-operation will continue and we will expand it to other projects.”

Autolle.com is a highly digitalized car dealer. Most of the car deals are done through multiple channels, such as phone, chat and webshop. Essential part of the service is a free home delivery.

Tomi Lintunen, head of logistics, Autolle.com


A new and innovative operating model for the industry

Significant added value and savings with the logistics application

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