Digital service platforms

The service platforms we have developed have digitized our customers’ operations and enabled revenue growth. Service platforms connect service providers and users looking for services. 

Your idea is enough at the beginning, in addition to implementation, we will take care of the definition and design, and help you with business models and productization of services.

The digital platform allows new business models

Digital platforms provide users with an easy way to find and order services and products, as well as a channel for the service provider to increase their sales.

The digital platforms we develop usually have a management view for the subscriber that can be used to accept or invite service providers to the system. Service providers also have their own management section for adding and editing their own services. For the end user, browsing the services is usually completely open, but for example ordering a service or product, the platform requires registration or providing contact information.

In addition, efficient search features, favorites, billing features, and visual reporting of service usage are usually developed for service platforms.

The service platforms we have developed have digitized our customers’ operations and enabled revenue growth.

Support for all digital platforms

The service platforms we have developed can be used with computer browsers and also as an application on a mobile phone. The same code works on all devices and the data content of the application scales according to the screen size of the digital platforms. The advantages of the technology are e.g. agile and cost-effective development and the service does not require installation or upgrades through GooglePlay or the App Store.

Customer feedback

”We at BusinessOulu are developing online services for our customers. Tecinspire designed a new innovative digital platform, which will improve the quality and availability of our services.

Co-operation with Tecinspire was excellent. The quality of the work was good, we met the deadlines and co-op was pleasant. We continue our cooperation with the actual development phase.”

Jari Linna, Project worker at, BusinessOulu

”Wastebook platform was developed by Tecinspire in an agile manner and very rapidly. The service is easy to use, stylish and works smoothly on any device. Tecinspire was a superb partner for us and we can warmly recommend them. The end result is a world class digital platform!”

Mikko Ahokas, Founder, Wastebook Oy



Renewal of industry with an user friendly platform

A service platform for business growth and development

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