A service platform to support the growth and development of companies

What is the YrityspalvelutOulu.fi platform?

We developed a digital service platform designed to make regional Business Services easy to find and support business. Companies and public actors can add their offerings to the service for free. With the help of the platform, companies can find the services they need easily and quickly.

YrityspalvelutOulu.fi service platform is used in the Oulu economic area and our customer was BusinessOulu.

How was the implementation done?

The platform works on all devices without installations and includes many features such as:

  • Easy to find services and companies
  • Powerful and fast search features
  • Use without login
  • Informative information content of services and companies
  • Contact service providers
  • Favorites
  • Adding businesses and services in a guided way
  • Management and moderator features

Tecinspire had overall responsibility for the development of the platform: user interface and architecture design, development, usability testing, and the creation of marketing videos.

Customer feedback:

“It’s great to see, from a business developer’s perspective, how customer-oriented and professionally Tecinspire handled a demanding development project on schedule to finish.

We developed a new service platform www.yrityspalvelutoulu.fi. The service brings together services for companies in the Oulu economic area on an easy-to-use platform. Tecinspire has been involved from platform design to launch.

It has been a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable and comfortable team. Thank you all very much, let’s continue our cooperation! ”

– Jari Linna, Advisor, Digital Business and Sales, BusinessOulu

Feedback on the design phase:

”We at BusinessOulu are developing online services for our customers. Tecinspire designed a new innovative digital platform, which will improve the quality and availability of our services.

Co-operation with Tecinspire was excellent. The quality of the work was good, we met the deadlines and co-op was pleasant. We continue our cooperation with the actual development phase.”

– Jari Linna, BusinessOulu

For more information:

BusinessOulu is responsible for the implementation of the city’s entire business policy and the services provided by the company. yrityspalvelutoulu.fi