Coach’s best friend

What is the Pate app?

The Pate service helps coaches conduct team tests in a guided and efficient manner using ready-made test batteries. The results are easy to record on mobile devices. The service includes comprehensive development monitoring and analysis at the individual and team level.

How was the implementation done?

The Pate application works in a browser and can also be installed on different devices. The application was developed using Google technologies as a progressive web application and includes many features such as:

  • Maintaining team and player information
  • Lots of ready-made tests with instructions in the test set
  • Test results and save results
  • Statistics and results visualized for easy interpretation
  • Comparability with previous results
  • Payment Options
  • Three user levels
  • Customer Feedback:

    “Tecinspire developed the Pate app for our company for use by volleyball coaches. The functionality has been developed in close cooperation with Tecinspire and we have received new ideas for the service from them. I am satisfied with an application, although the planned development schedule stretched. We will continue to develop and bring the app to other sports.”

    – Ritva Alasmäki, Patepal Oy

    We also implemented a service website to support the business:

    “We also implemented a modern and impressive website, from which we also received nice feedback: “Tecinspire developed an impressive website for our new Pate service on a really fast schedule. We are happy with the functionality and layout of the pages – and so are our customers.”

    “We can warmly recommend the services of Tecinspire. Cooperation will also continue closely with regard to the development of the Pate service itself.”

    – Markku Vielma, Chairman of the Board, Patepal Oy

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