Better patient safety 

What is the IV Screen app?

We developed an application for remote monitoring of the infusion monitor in cooperation with Monidor Oy. The remote monitoring application simplifies the work of nurses and improves patient safety.

How was the implementation done?

The remote monitoring application works on nursing staff devices. It is a web application and includes many features such as:

  • Strong authentication
  • Remote Infusion Monitor Monitoring
  • Connect to multiple infusion monitors
  • Visually present data

The project required expertise in medical application development.

Customer Feedback:

“Tecinspire strengthened our software team and participated in the development of the Monidrop infusion monitor remote monitoring application. The co-operation went smoothly and the agreed things had to be done on time and with high quality. Experience in medical device software development is important to us and our quality system requires quality documentation of the work. A professional team that can be warmly recommended! ”

– Mikko Savola, President and CEO, Monidor Oy

More information:

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