Renewal of industry with an user friendly platform

What is the Ajois digital service platform?

Ajois is a digital platform for booking experiences. The platform revolutionizes the industry with ease of use and straightforwardness.

The platform provides end users easy way to find and book experiences. For experience service providers it offers excellent marketing and sales platform. The platform brings significant value to Ajois Oy and supports the internationalization of the business.

How was the implementation done?

Tecinspire had overall responsibility for the project including software architecture, technologies and software development. The platform was implemented as a progressive web application (PWA) using Google technologies.

Ajois Oy had an idea of the straightforward logic of the bookings and payments. User interface plans were designed in collaboration during the project.

The platform works on all devices without installations and includes many features:

  • Easy to find and book experiences without logging in
  • Informative content of experiences (eg. description, suitability, images, videos)

  • Powerful and fast search features

  • Experience reviews

  • My reservations

  • Reminders via email and text messages

  • Conversation between buyer and producer

  • Changes in the booking process

  • Payment features and commissions

  • Management of experience services

  • Acceptance of experience producers for the service


Customer feedback:

“In early 2020, Ajois challenged Tecinspire to make an exceptionally straightforward platform for experience booking.

Tecinspire’s Teemu and his crew understood the concept and goal immediately. During the development work, the dialogue was direct, honest and open, which increased mutual trust.

The end result is 110% of the goal and it will modernize the entire industry with its ease of use. An efficient platform provides a significant competitive advantage in the post-coronary virus world. ”

-Markku Laatikainen, President and CEO, Ajois Oy

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