From Excels to own digital ERP

What kind of ERP system was made?

We developed a customized ERP system for Nord Raudoitus. The system was developed to digitize the core functions of customer ERP like personnel management, customer project planning and management. The system replaces excel sheets and flipcharts that were previously used for planning and management. System reduces manual work, phone calls and emails.

An essential part of the system is dynamic resource planning, which is used to plan staff and teams for customer projects, taking into account requirements and staff qualifications.

To production in 2.5 months

We received well-defined requirements from Nord Raudoitus, which led us directly to the development phase. The implementation itself was done on a fast schedule with Angular technology and agile methods. During the project, we kept in close contact with the client, for example through weekly project meetings.
There were very few changes to the original plans in the project, but few useful additional features were developed. The co-operation will continue closely with the development of larger additional features.

The ERP system’s main features

  • Visual home screen / “management dashboard”
  • Customer management
  • Project management, planning and scheduling
  • Dynamic resource and team planning
  • Employee register: Contact information, qualifications and authorizations
  • Notice board
  • Holiday management and planning
  • User roles management
  • Cost center management
  • Log information
Nord raudoitus siluet.

Customer Feedback:

”As our business has grown, it was right time to develop a project and hr management system to replace all your excel sheets. Tecinspire produced the right software for us. It is easy, fast and effortless to use on all devices. During the development phase, we received great development ideas and solutions from Tecinspire.
The cooperation was smooth and the whole process was agile and fast. We especially liked the fact that we were not left in the dark. We had weekly meetings and got to test the program every week and participate to the development. We recommend co-op with Tecinspire! ”

– Konsta Lioutkovski, President and CEO, Nord Raudoitus Oy

Nord Raudoitus makes mountings for bridge and wind power construction as well as comprehensively for the needs of various industrial construction, with solid experience and professionalism.

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