Significant added value and savings with the logistics application

What is the ERP system?

We developed a logistics and ERP system for to help
– improving and facilitating logistics processes
– reduction of manual work
– improve process monitoring
– adding value to end customers

Customer Feedback:

“Tecinspire provided with a logistics application that improves and facilitates the implementation of logistics processes. With the application, the amount of work done manually is reduced and the monitoring of processes is significantly improved.

With the Tecinspire’s implementation, we can facilitate our own work and bring added value to our customers. With the product, we will significantly improve our customer experience and take the car trade service significantly forward.

Cooperation with Tecinspire was very easy and we felt the level of service was high. We were clearly presented with different options for implementing the service and we got the service completely “like us”.

 Tecinspire kept us up to date on the various stages of service delivery and communication was very active as well as down to earth. We recommend TecInspire as a partner.

 Our cooperation will continue and we will expand it to other projects.

– Tomi Lintunen, Logistics Manager,

Learn more: is a highly digitized car dealership. The majority of stores are managed through multi-channel telephone, chat and online shopping. An integral part of the service is free home delivery.