Slush experiences

Tecinspire participated in Slush, Slush100 startup competition and Smash last week. In this visual post we summarize the whole week of Slush experiences from our perspective. 

 Slush experiences, Teemu and spaceman


We started the week on Tuesday with new official Slush side event called Smash. Smash is dedicated to sport related technology, clubs, companies and startups.

Thanks Mikko Perälä for inviting us!


Slush experiences, Smash Event

 Kari Salo presenting App2Day at Smash. We have designed App2Day also for sport clubs to manage all events easily and to share information and memories.


Slush100 competition

On Wednesday we headed to Slush100 competition with App2Day Slush100 is a competition for the most promising 100 startups of Slush.

Slush Experiences, App2Day_Pitch

“My pitch was clearly not my best. I was a little nervous from the live broadcast and it showed a bit in my presentation.” – Teemu Kivioja.


Slush experiences, Preparing to meet investors

Teemu is preparing to meet investors. “Your valuation could be higher” – probably the most encouraging comment said by one English investor.


Slush experiences, Slush100 dinner

Networking and meeting investors at Slush100 dinner on Wednesday. Slush crew announced the results of the competition during the dinner. Unfortunately we did not qualify for the next round. We were a little disappointed, but still it was a great experience. In fact it was a great result to be selected into competition as 11 month old startup, since majority of the competitors had been running they businesses for several years . We congratulate Altum Technologies for winning the Slush100!


Slush main event

Slush main event was on Thursday and Friday. It was HUGE! To summarize Slush is world’s leading startup and technology conference and this year it had about 20 000 attendees. Let the pictures talk:

Slush experiences, Nestholma Demoday

Nestholma Demo Day starting at Business Oulu’s stand. Nestholma invited us to pitch App2Day. This time Teemu’s pitch was much better!


Slush experiences, keynotes

There were a lot of interesting keynotes. We also had time to listen to few, since networking and meetings took our time.


Slush experiences, evening

Slush ended with “Utopic Slush Afterparty”. For us it was again a lot of networking and some free drinks as well 🙂


Teemu Kivioja, CEO and Founder at Tecinspire

Finally, greetings to all new contacts and friends we made during the week!

Teemu Kivioja, CEO and Founder at Tecinspire

Innovative development director with business mindset

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