Into Google Startup Program and Tekes Funding with App2Day

Into Google Cloud Startup Program and Tekes Funding

We are so happy to inform that we got into Google Cloud Startup program and Tekes Tempo funding project with our App2Day service. In this article we tell about these programs, give some tips how to apply and reveal some details about App2Day.


Google Cloud Startup Program

This program enables us to scale App2Day easily to global markets. It offers free Google Cloud credits, mentoring, 24/7 support and online training.

We have been using Google services and Google Cloud in App2Day. Thereby this program is ideal for us. With free credits we are able to have more storage and computing power on App2Day servers.

Some big players like Spotify and Snapchat have gone through the program in their early stages.

Read more about Google Cloud Startup Program.

Tip for applying into this program: Join a startup incubator, accelerator or venture that is a partner to Google.  It’s very hard to get in without recommendation. Thanks to Kielo incubator for recommending us! 


Tekes Tempo Funding

Tekes funds most promising startups aiming for global markets and whose service has a clear competitive edge. It is the most important organisation for publicly financing research, development and innovation in Finland.

We will use Tekes Tempo grant for our development and to buy services from our partners related to global scaling.

Tip for applying into this program: Connect and discuss your idea and project early with Tekes professionals. They guide you step by step through the whole process. It requires a lot of paper work and e.g. detailed project plan, measurable goals and financial calculations.   

Read more about Tekes Tempo Funding.


About App2Day

App2Day Social Calendar

App2Day is awarded social calendar that saves time, effort and money. With App2Day you can plan events and rideshares together with your network and keep everyone on the loop. App2Day is designed for families, sport clubs, hobbies and friends.

Both Google and Tekes programs continue App2Day’s path to success. Earlier App2Day won Startup Sauna Oulu competition (18 companies participated) and qualified into Nestholma Accelerator (over 100 companies applied and 11 got in). Customer feedback of the App2Day has been excellent.

Read more about App2Day homepage.


Join as a test user and win 100€

Next test phase of App2Day will start in Finland in the end of this year. All test users have a possibility to win 100€. Best development proposal or finding will be rewarded with 100€ monthly. Testing is free without any obligations. In the future basic features will remain free to use.

-> Sign up as a App2Day test user.


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