Autumn of growth for Tecinspire

What an autumn it has been for Tecinspire! Earlier we wrote about Google Cloud Startup Program and Tekes Funding.

Now we continue to grow with a new employee, new customers and new gadgets.

Latest news is that we head for Slush100 competition

Autumn of growth for Tecinspire

Tecinspire crew autumn 2017. Joni Glad on the left joined Tecinspire in the end of October.



Heading for Slush100 competition

We are heading for Slush. Yesterday we got great news that we have been selected to Slush100 program! 

Slush100 is a competition for the most promising 100 startups of Slush 2017. It’s 3-day event including mentoring, networking, investor meetings and pitching competition.

We also head to official side-event Smash. This 2-day event is dedicated to sport, technology and start-ups.

Making of App2Day Marketing Video. Autumn of growth for Tecinspire.

Making of App2Day marketing video together with Sky High Pictures and Henna Linné as main actress. We will do final shoot and edit soon. The video will be released in a couple of weeks, hopefully before Slush. Stay tuned 🙂


New customers

Autumn has brought us new customers. We have done development and consultation work according to our offering. It has been a pleasure to help our customers! In addition, our delivery satisfaction rate continues to be 100% and all of our customers recommend us. See references section for more details. Customers of November are:



More power to the App2Day development

Joni Glad has joined Tecinspire as Software Designer. Joni will strengthen our development forces and work mainly with App2Day. We are so pleased to have Joni now onboard.

Joni Glad, Software Designer at Tecinspire. Autumn of growth for Tecinspire,

“I’m very excited that I have been given the chance to join the great bunch at Tecinspire. Joining a growing startup as an aspiring software designer is an amazing opportunity. The crew at Tecinspire made me feel very welcome from day the 1. It’s an amazingly positive and supportive atmosphere and space to work at.  I’m very eager to jump straight into App2Day development and other future projects.

Coming to software development from a hardware background has certainly been very interesting. New tools, languages, methods and a constantly evolving field will keep me busy. Not a boring day in sight in my near future. I was very happy to be accepted to Saranen Consulting‘s Code Academy program and to work in Tecinspire. Putting everything into practice, under the mentorship of Kari, Teemu and Matti, has been very engrossing and fun.”

– Joni Glad, Software Designer, Tecinspire


New gadgets to ensure growth for Tecinspire

We invested into some new gadgets support our growth:

Teemu with new Mac. Autumn of growth for Tecinspire.

Teemu has a brand new laptop: “I have always used Windows machines. I’m always keen to learn new things. Now I will learn how to fly high with this Mac”.


Matti designing App2Day User Interface. Autumn of growth for Tecinspire.

We bought new monitors to everyone to ensure efficient work. In this picture Matti is designing new and more visual user interface for App2Day.


Teemu installing a horizontal bar to Tecinspire office

Teemu installing a horizontal bar to our office: “Well-being at work needs daily actions. With this one we can stretch and work our backs and shoulders. This and company offered monthly massages are just examples how we take care of our employees”.


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Teemu Kivioja, CEO and Founder at Tecinspire

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Teemu Kivioja, CEO and Founder at Tecinspire

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