App2Day in New York

App2Day Social Calendar in America with Muikia

Tecinspire will launch their App2Day Social Calendar in America and rest of the world during spring 2018. Tecinspire wanted insights from US markets and we from Muikia conducted interviews in three major cities in US.

This visual article is written by us at Muikia. It is an overview of our one month lasting trip to US and it summarizes our collaboration with Tecinspire.

During our trip we used App2Day in our daily planning. App2Day proved to be valuable in syncing the different schedules and events.

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Road to America

Tecinspire was planning App2Day’s launch to the US markets. Meanwhile we at Muikia were planning our trip to the US. This was a starting point for our cooperation. Luckily we found each other and realized that we could help Tecinspire during our trip.

Tecinspire wanted to form a deeper understanding of their target market. In order to provide Tecinspire with insight on American consumers’ time management needs, Muikia interviewed consumers in three major cities; New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


About Muikia

We are a team enterprise called Muikia. We consist of 9 persons and we are studying in Terwa Academy at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. For the past two years we have been running our company as a part of our studies. Our focus has been on providing marketing and event planning services for companies in the Oulu region.

We headed to the United States to complete our Final Camp-project which is the last project for our team before graduating.


Intro to App2Day

App2Day is new innovative social calendar application. The application is designed for families, friends and other groups to plan events, arrangements, carpools together with your network.

App2Day is also a visual diary. You can share memories as pictures with the participants.

App2Day Social Calendar in America, intro to App2Day

New York

We began our journey in the glimmering lights of New York City. The vibrant city showed us the magnificence of Manhattan from the green Central Park to the lively Chinatown. We got to experience a Broadway musical and witness the radiance of Time Square and the rustic architecture of the Brooklyn bridge. This culturally diverse city proudly presented its unique horizon of skyscrapers and served as the perfect beginning for our journey.

We started to use App2Day in our daily planning and it proved to be very valuable.

App2Day Social Calendar in America


San Francisco

In the west coast the weather was warmer and the sun was shining. We rented cars and got to drive in the steep streets of San Francisco.

Naturally we also wanted to check out the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the redwood trees at Muir Woods National Park just outside of the city. Unfortunately we only had a few days in San Francisco before heading towards San Jose.

App2Day in Palo Alto, interviews

In San Jose we went to see the world-famous Stanford University. It is located in Palo Alto, half an hour drive from San Jose. In the University there are 15 000 students and the campus was really impressive.

We interviewed locals in the center of Palo Alto regarding their time management and calendar use for the App2day project. We rewarded every participant with our national pride, Finnish chocolate and received positive feedback.


Los Angeles

Los Angeles was the last destination that we visited during our trip and we spent two weeks there. The city is scattered into a huge area and consists of many different neighborhoods. All very different from one another. We settled in a coastal city called Long Beach which is famous for it’s port and the Queen Mary ship.

To ensure we got enough input from the younger generation, we went to conduct interviews at the California State University in Long Beach. The campus was huge with lots of potential interviewees which enabled us to receive very diverse information.App2Day Social Calendar in America, Interview

There is a saying that you haven’t truly experienced LA unless you have been stuck in the terrible traffic, visited a TV or a movie set and enjoyed the tasty burgers at In-n-Out fast-food chain. We can assure you that we did all three, but tested In-n-Out multiple times.

Thanks to the timing of our trip we had a chance to experience two different typical American events in Los Angeles. We celebrated Thanksgiving in a very traditional way and prepared a festive dinner that included stuffed turkey. The following Friday after Thanksgiving eve is known as Black Friday. We took this opportunity to see the city go wild with Black Friday madness.


Power of using App2Day and conclusion

Our one month long trip was successful from every point of view. Collaboration with Tecinspire was an exhilarating experience! We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this project with them.

We also got to use App2Day in our daily planning during the trip. App2Day proved to be very valuable in syncing the different schedules and events of our entire team.

Tecinspire received a lot of valuable feedback for App2Day from the interviews. The need for App2Day is obvious, people need visual and social solution for time management. App2Day is a solution for this.

App2Day in Palo Alto

Cheers, Muikia

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