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Results of delivery satisfaction survey. 26 projects delivered.
Juho Koskelainen

Juho Koskelainen

IT-specialist, Pyylahti Oy

“We continued co-work and close partnership with Tecinspire. We are very pleased with the co-work and especially with the speed and agility of the development.”
Marko Laurikainen

Marko Laurikainen

hpj, 1090 Fishing Mapp Oy

”The co-operation with Tecinspire was flexible, professional and efficient. We believe that we could not have found any more suitable partner to develop the app. Tecinspire’s versatile expertise combined with their agility makes them a great partner. “
Teppo Syrjälä

Teppo Syrjälä

Managing Director, Stremsave Oy

“Tecinspire developed us the Streamsave mobile app. The development was agile, efficient and quick. The app is great, easy to use and works fast.”


Our experienced team develops quality web- and mobile apps with agile methods. We are experts in utility apps, IoT, cloud & healthcare standards.

Web- and mobile application prices start from 5 000€.

Explore our services and examples of our work below.

Example: SKIIOT solution is the perfect companion for skiing enthusiasts. The app shows real time conditions and live performance level from IoT-device. The SKIIOT system is used for example by Norway’s Olympic team.

App2Day is an awarded social calendar that saves time and effort. The smarter way to plan events and communicate together. Designed for families, sports and other communities.
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Example: Feel5D enables home buyers to view, rotate and walk virtually inside their upcoming home in web and mobile browsers. Tecinspire scaled backend service for high data amounts, implemented Stripe invoice interface and admin features.

Feedback: “Co-operation with Tecinspire was fluent and pleasant. They implemented a backend service to with great results. They worked proactively, which is always great for a successful outcome.”  

Feedback: “Co-operation with Tecinspire was fluent and smooth. Tecinspire’s development team was professional and determined. Warm recommendation!” Tecinspire developed information system pilot and new web pages.

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We partner and work closely with our customers to deliver results, quality and value.

Our experts have over 64 years of cumulative experience in software development, management and sales.  Get to know our experts.

Note that we are an official service provider for Business Finland Innovation voucher and BusinessOulu service note.

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