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How can we help?

We develop solutions in an agile manner and for all devices. The same code works on all devices.

All the product rights and source codes belong to the customer.

New mobile app

The solutions we have developed are in use around the world. Our apps have made it possible for our customers to grow their business. We have developed multiple hobby and well-being apps, health technology apps as well as IoT apps.

Customized ERPs

Save your own work time. We develop customized systems also for challenging circumstances and with no industry restrictions.

Digital platforms

We are happy to discuss how we could enhance your business. The digital platforms we develop run on the browser.

Latest projects

Modern app for fishermen
Pate web app was developed to aid sports coaches
Better patient safety

How we work

1. Free launch meeting:

We assess your idea and analyze the best solution for it.

2. Systematic planning:

We plan the user interface and functionality, and choose the right technology.

3. Agile implementation:

You can follow the progress and have an influence on the development in weekly meetings.

4. Controlled release:

The release of the world class implementation of your idea.

Some of our clients

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Cost effective and agile development

We are in Google Cloud Platform partner program. Our technology choices enable agile and efficient development, as the same code can suppport platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux.

All the solutions we have developed include multiple technical top features, such as visual reporting, automation, GPS, QR code, NFC reader, Bluetooth, social communication. The applications we develop suppport all devices from Android and iOS mobile devices to desktops.

The software we develop can be connected to any cloud service (Google CloudMS AzureAmazon AWS).

Trusted partner

We develop world class applications with the newest technologies and with the best customer satisfaction of the trade. Our experienced professionals have over 75 cumulative years of experience of software development, leadership and marketing.

We partner and work closely with our customers to deliver results, quality and value.

In addition to agile development we help our customers among other things in business development, productisation and marketing. We are happy to help your business into a new soar on the path of digitalisation. The first meeting is always free, so don’t hesitate to contact.

Tecinspiren team.

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