Testimonials to Tecinspire

Testimonials to Tecinspire

This page includes all testimonials to Tecinspire since we registered our company in January 2017.

We want to thank our customers for excellent co-operation!


Dlovan Ishaya, Senior Advisor, Business Development at BusinessOulu, Oct 2017

Tecinspire gave us an inspiring and energetic presentation in our event. They guided our audience how to plan and deliver a perfect pitch and how to start from the idea to start-up and make a profitable business.

BusinessOulu is responsible for implementing the city’s industry policies and providing companies with development services

Jani Kaipainen CEO of MeKiwi and his testimonial

Jani Kaipainen, CEO at MeKiwi, Jun 2017

Co-operation with Tecinspire was fluent and pleasant. Tecinspire implemented a backend service to www.edut.fi with great results. They worked proactively, which is always great for a successful outcome.

MeKiwi is a trusted partner for Tecinspire and offers digital services like web design, app development and VR-services.

Juhani Lahdenperä, CEO at BSUM, testimonial for Tecinspire

Juhani Lahdenperä, CEO at BSUM, May 2017

Tecinspire gave us a great consultation on our new service offering. With their help we created a killer business model, productized the service and defined outstanding customer benefits.

BSUM is growth engine for Biotech startups. We were really pleased to outcome and can warmly recommend Tecinspire.

Juhani Lappalainen from PehuTec

Juhani Leppänen, Director of Sales & Marketing at PehuTec, Apr 2017

Tecinspire joined our team to design architecture of new and innovative IoT solution. We got the best results by combining our expertise and were able to complete the design successfully in a very tight schedule. Our co-operation continues as Tecinspire participates also to development phase.

PehuTec provides product development services for software design, electronics hardware design and mechanical engineering. Company is building various IoT solutions and brings digitalisation into new application areas.

Tuukka Visuri from Nukute

Tuukka Visuri, CEO at Nukute, Mar 2017

Tecinspire created very nice and modern webpages for us. New pages are mobile friendly, super fast and well optimized: Compared to our old pages they are 83% less in size and are 55% faster!

We are really pleased with Tecinspire and looking forward for further co-operation. We can warmly recommend their services. Nukute has an easy solution for sleeping disorders. See more: www.nukute.com

Testimonial from Kari Kivistö, CEO at Oulun Yritystakomo.

Kari Kivistö, CEO at Oulun Yritystakomo, Feb 2017

“Tecinspire advised a lot of startups and innovation groups during their time in Oulun Yritystakomo. They gave a very valuable insights in business planning, idea pitching and marketing.

Teemu’s vision and Kari’s technical skills together are a winning combination and I’m sure that they are heading for success.”

Testimonial by Iikka Mäntylä, CEO at Open Energy Evolution.

Iikka Mäntylä, CEO at Open Energy Evolution, Jan 2017

Tecinspire helped us and many others during their startup phase. We got lots of support with our business plan and new ideas from them. They always keep their promises & get things done! Teemu’s personality is really inspiring, supporting and positive.

It was pleasure to develop our business with Tecinspire and I can warmly recommend their services. It was also amazing to see their own journey from idea to app & company in just a couple of months!

Thanks for all your testimonials! See our services to accelerate your business!


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